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Leading Electric and Machinery Co. Ltd

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Screw Chiiler

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Screw Chiller

· The Screw Chiller's (50tons - 500tons) highest    efficiency      is up to COP 5.5 / IPLV 9.0

·  Using R-134a refrigerant with power of

   380V – 6,600V and variable frequency drive option.

Centrifugal Chiiler

Leading Centrif.jpg

Centrifugal Chiller

· The Centrifugal Chiller's (500tons - 2000tons) highest         efficiency is up to COP 6.2 / IPLV 10

· Using R-134a refrigerant with power of 380V – 6,600V        and variable frequency drive option.

Active Magnetic Beariing Chiiler

Leading Oil Free Chiller.jpg

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Active Magnetic Bearing Chiller

  • The Active Magnetic Bearing Chiller's (180tons - 500tons) maximum efficiency is up to COP 7.2 / IPLV 12

  • Using R-134a refrigerant without lubricant can solve the problem of heat exchanger attenuation and reduce maintenance costs.

Heat Pump

Lead Heat Pump.jpg

Heat Pumps/Heat Recovery

From air-conditioning applications in hotels, hospitals, factories, or schools, the hot water heating, water preheating, or hot water supply, heat pumps or heat recovery units are the most effective means of reducing energy costs and consumption.

Air Handling Unit

Leading AHU.jpg


The concept of LEADING Air Handling Units is to meet the needs of customers; customizing products is our core task.

Although we provide the basic framework of the Air Handling Units, there is infinite flexibility and imagination in the design of LEADING Air Handling Units. Under the same specification requirements, we can design a completely different arrangement, size, style, and material application, and can also be assembled according to the control room size without space constraints.

Rooftop Unit

Leading Roof Top.jpg


·  The unit's double-casing face plate

·   Power distribution system are both designed for  

    protection from outside weather             

·   Its corrosion-resistant coils and structures are long-lasting     and durable.

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